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1. Disclaimer of Warranties

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2. Product Information

Dynamic Umbrella draws your attention to the fact that the information regarding financial products given on this website is not intended to provide complete information for users; this information is not a substitute for careful reading of the product's information leaflet and/or consulting financial professionals. Furthermore, the product information on this website is not intended as a warranty or representation as to the existence of a standard quality or specific characteristics of the product.

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5. Data Protection

Dynamic Umbrella complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 with respect to all transferred personal data from users such as dates of birth, addresses and e-mail addresses. Personal data will not be disclosed to unauthorised third parties and is protected against access by third parties. Users who transmit personal data acknowledge that Dynamic Umbrella stores and processes such data for the purpose of processing the business relationship with the user. Since Dynamic Umbrella conducts its business in various countries, you agree that Dynamic Umbrella may transfer personal data for storage and processing to its databases in countries outside the user's country of domicile. This may include countries which do not provide the same level of data protection as the UK. If Dynamic Umbrella does make such a transfer, it will put a contract in place to ensure the user's information is protected. The user may at any time request Dynamic Umbrella to inform him/her about the kind of personal data stored or to request Dynamic Umbrella to correct or delete the personal data.

6. E-mail

The transfer of an e-mail address entitles Dynamic Umbrella to store this information for the purpose of future correspondence. The addressee may, at any time, request Dynamic Umbrella to delete the stored e-mail address and/or request the cessation of e-mails for advertising purposes.

7. Linked Websites

Dynamic Umbrella does not assume any responsibility for the content of linked websites of third parties or for the use of information gathered therefrom.

8. Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

Should the access and/or the use of this website create a legal relationship between the user and Dynamic Umbrella, such a relationship shall be governed by English law and dealt with through the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

9. Relevant Version

In the event of a discrepancy between the current and previous versions of this disclaimer, the current version shall exclusively be relevant for the interpretation of the rights and duties of Dynamic Umbrella and users arising from this disclaimer.

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